Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some of my illustrations that were published on the Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec) website

The following illustrations were published on the Liberal Party of Canada's website (Quebec chapter) between 2006 and 2007.

Alberta's Health Care is in a league of its own.

The Bloc's foreign policy.

Mr.Harper's attempt at protecting Canada's softwood industry fell short.

Mr. Harper's contrbution to recycling.

Mr. Harper's Child Care Plan makes him quite unpopular with the younger Canadians.

Mr. Duceppe spreading a message of harmony in foreign countries.

Rona Ambrose left a bad impression at the kyoto conference in Bonn.

Mr. Harper sees the environment from a different perspective.

Mr. Harper's official visit to kandahar.

Conservatives abandon the most vulnerable members of society.

It's quite a headache to interview Mr. Harper.

The Bloc Quebecois has a reliable source of ideas... the Liberal party.

Conservatives' Canada climate change programs properly stored.

Harper's "Bush-Bush" Act for clean air doesn't pass the test...

Former Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin passing the torch to the next leader of the Liberal Party.

Liberal MP, Mr. Pablo Rodriguez, forces Stephen Harper to respect Kyoto.

It was strange to see Jack Layton help Mr. Harper to safety from the Kyoto mess.

MacKay and Rice meet in Pictou.

Transparency according to Mr. Harper.

Mr. MacKay was 'very' cooperative with Mrs. Rice.

Rona Ambrose receives a rude welcome in Nairobi.

La politique masquée de Harper

Jack Layton being too friendly with his rival Mr. Harper.

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  1. Les plus belles caricatures du moment, sans nul doute ! Je les aimais toutes, sans exception.